Saturday, November 29, 2014

Tips to help familiarize you with dribbling in FIFA 15

In FIFA 15, EA has revamped the art of dribbling to some extent. While it’s not hard to dribble in FIFA 15, a few players may find themselves at a disadvantage due to these small changes made to the game. In this dribbling guide, I’ll detail some tips which will help familiarize you with dribbling in FIFA 15.

Don’t Go On Sprinting
One of the major changes in FIFA 15 is the ability to turn while sprinting. In this game, you need to take things a bit slower than you used to do in FIFA 14.

Sure, players will dribble effectively at a higher pace, but it also increases the chances of opponent players to take possession from you. Hence, teach yourself to sprint only when it’s absolutely required or when in an open field.

Why You Should Count Your Touches?
It never hurts to count your touches a little ahead. Practice counting the touches that you need before passing the ball or changing your direction.

In FIFA 15, you’ll come across different dribbling controls so it’s wise to know all the possibilities at your disposal.

Stop the Ball, Go For Surprise!
This move is executed by simply pressing RT/R2 on consoles. It comes in very handy when you’re trying to change your direction, which will leave the defender baffled.

Another reason why you should use this move is because it will provide you with free corner kicks. When playing along the sidelines, stop the ball hoping that the opponent player will kick the ball out of bounds.

And lastly, while countering and waiting for your players to catch up, this move will come in really handy.

Change Tactics If Need Be
One of the most common mistakes made by different players is that they allow their opponents to read them over the course of the match. Never go with a set pattern and always aim at being the unpredictable one.

Don’t go for sprinting most of the time, change your speed quite a lot, and try out new tactics to confuse your opposition.

Knock On To Create Space
To execute this move, press RT/R2 and move the right analogue stick in any direction. This is one of the moves, which have seen major changes since FIFA 14.

There are a couple of situations in which you can use this move. For example, you can execute it near the goalkeeper which will allow you to build up more space and score. In addition to this, you can also go for a quick break if you have an open field in front of you.

Protect The Ball
This move is executed by pressing LT/L2 which can be turned into fakes by moving the right analogue stick in any direction. Once again, there are a couple of situations in which you can use this move effectively.

For example, this move will come in very handy in front of a strong defense – however, your player must be stronger than the defender to execute it successfully. When it comes to juking, use the fake moves to confuse the defender and head out in the open field.

Trap Canceling and Why It’s Useful
To execute this move, simultaneously press LT/L2 and RT/R2. This move comes in very handy in situations when your ‘through ball’ is rendered useless. In addition to this, you can also use it to the change the line of your attackers and gain possession.

On Face Dribbling To Force Fouls
This move is also executed by pressing LT/L2 and RT/R2 at the same time. Personally, I like to use this move to get free penalty kicks. You need to use it in the box so that the opponent defender commits a foul and grants you with a free kick.

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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Six tips to improve your penalty kicks in FIFA 15 matches

Penalty Kicks provide a scoring chance with a very high rate of success. Of course, it is possible that the keeper will guess the right way and save your shot, but the chance that you will beat the keeper is much higher.This tutorial will go more in depth on aiming and other techniques below. This system is continued in FIFA 15.

Initiating the Shot
When your player is lined up to take the penalty, you will notice the Accuracy Bar, with the indicator moving back and forth in the bottom left corner of your screen. Your goal is to press the shoot button just as the indicator reaches the very center of the bar in the greenest part. Although after this you control accuracy in an even further way, this also has a big effect on the accuracy of your shot. Also note that you can still miss the target even if you hit the exact center of the Accuracy Bar, it all dependends on the aiming that comes next. However, the closer your indicator is to the center of the bar, the more your shot will be helped.

After you have placed he indicator on the Accuracy Bar, hold down the shoot button to determine power as you would for any other type of shot. This is where it gets tricky. As you let go of the shoot button, imagine a little crosshair aiming just at the center of the keepers chest. You can move this crosshair with the left analog stick. Aim to the side and a little up or down in order to hit the corners. I typically aim for the bottom corners as they are much easier to hit than the top corners and they still have what I would say is about an 80% success rate.

Stutter Step
To perform the stutter step penalty in which you stop your run-up to the ball halfway through to startle the keeper, press the shoot button for a second time as you are running up to the ball at the point you would like your penalty taker to stop at. Although this is quite effective in real life, keepers don't seem to be too phased by it in FIFA.

Placed Penalty
To execute a placed penalty, hold down RB on Xbox as you press the shoot button, and R1 for Playstation. The placed penalty supposedly has more accuracy than the regular driven one, and thus less a chance of missing the target. Other than this, follow the same principles as given for the regular penalty.

Chipped Penalty
There really isn't much use for the chipped penalty other than to be a bit cheeky. Only try to do this if you are quite sure that your opponent will make the keeper dive one way, as you will look stupid if you try it and it chips up right into the hands of the keeper. To execute a chipped penalty, hold down LB as you press the shoot button on Xbox, and L1 for Playstation.

FIFA 15 offers a variety of practice methods to help you perfect your penalty-taking skills. The 1v1 practice arena offers the most direct method as you can simply enter the penalty area and press left on the D-pad to initialize a practice penalty. The Practice Mode allows you to do a lot of penalties one after the other against a keeper. Finally, the Penalties Skill Games allow you to practice your penalties in a variety of ways and actually see how your "scope" moves as you aim.

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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Sporting Kansas City in search of goalkeepers

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Sporting Kansas City are on the lookout for a new No. 1 goalkeeper – and maybe a new No. 2 as well.The club declined options on both Eric Kronberg and Andy Gruenebaum on Tuesday, leaving 21-year-old Jon Kempin (pictured above) as the only returning member of the goalkeeping corps in 2015. That doesn't mean an automatic promotion for the young Homegrown, though.Injury and performance concerns led to the decisions not to bring back Kronberg and Gruenebaum.

READ: Foot injury to blame for Zusi's absence from USMNT camp
Kronberg, the longtime understudy to Kevin Hartman and then Jimmy Nielsen, became the No. 1 this year upon Nielsen's retirement. He was leading MLS in clean sheets with seven when he broke his left hand in a training accident in early July and never regained his form when he returned.

Gruenebaum, a Kansas City native acquired in an offseason trade with Columbus, made 11 starts in two separate stints as Vermes' first choice when Kronberg was hurt. But he also struggled with injuries, including a shoulder strain that forced Kempin into a starting role ahead of schedule.

Kempin made four appearances with three starts when Gruenebaum was hurt the first time, and earned a Save of the Week nod for stopping the only penalty he faced. Still, Vermes demurred when asked if Kempin – who also made 13 appearances on loan with USL PRO affiliate Oklahoma City Energy FC – could handle the No. 1 duties for Sporting going into 2015.

Sporting also declined options for wingers Toni Dovale and Sal Zizzo, midfielders Victor Munoz and Michael Kafari and parted ways with Olum – the new Kenyan international who was on the pitch for their 2012 US Open Cup and 2013 MLS Cup victories – at Olum's request so that he could join Malaysian side Kedah FA.Kansas City will retain his rights if he decides to return to MLS.

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Thursday, November 20, 2014

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Monday, November 17, 2014

FIFA 15 Companion - A cost free app

FIFA 15 coins Companion for Windows Phone is a cost-free app that allows you to make the most of your management skills when you’re from your console, whether Xbox or PlayStation. To utilize the FIFA Ultimate Group features you must have a FIFA Ultimate Crew Club in FIFA 15.

The FIFA 15 Companion mobile app requires you to have an Origin account attached to FIFA 15 and permits you to manage your Ultimate Team anytime, anywhere! You can manage your FIFA Greatest Team Squads by optimising Chemistry, Formations, and Athletes, as well as discover and bid on players in the FUT Move Market. If you’re looking to spend some of the money earned within the game you can Purchase packs from the FUT Store, or you can raise cash by selling players on your Transfer list. Essentially, it allows you to do all the back-room stuff you need to do to manage your squad, so that when you’re in front of your console you can get on with the fun stuff and play the game.

The EA SPORTS FIFA 15 Companion is available in Italian, German, French, Spanish and English and Dutch. Before you can start using the app you need to have a FIFA 15 team up and running. To do this create your club in FIFA 15 for Xbox One, Xbox 360,PlayStation4 and PlayStation3, or PC, create your FUT Security Question, then log in to the app to access the FIFA Ultimate Team features! We’ve been checking out FIFA 15 Companion on our Nokia Lumia 635, so we know it works on Windows Phone devices with 512MB of RAM, as well as on our Lumia 735 with 1GB of RAM and found the app offers the same great functionality on both phones.

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