Thursday, January 15, 2015

TOTY card of Mega or Rare packs

While you still accept time to get your easily on the TOTY defenders and goalkeeper until Wednesday evening, we accept a quick heads-up for you now as FIFA 15 UT 50K packs as able-bodied as Mega Packs are now live.

This is basically EA’s way of saying that if you want a ‘better’ chance of getting TOTY Ramos or TOTY Neuer, you should spend your fifa 15 coins on the more expensive packs which supposedly have greater odds.

Just to remind you, the FIFA 15 50K packs come with 12 items, which are all gold and are all rare. The description states that every player you receive is top rated, so theoretically you are bound to get something you like for dropping 50K fifa coins on it.

The FIFA 15 Mega Packs are also live though. These cost 35K and offer a total of 30 items. These are quite good in terms of value in our opinion. 26 of the 30 items will be gold rated, while 18 of them will be rare so it’s not bad at all.

The question is though, what are the exact odds of finding a TOTY card inside of Mega or Rare packs compared to standard gold packs? Once again, it will all come down to luck but we hope that some of you have managed to pick out some of the new TOTY cards.

We see that EA get a bad acceptability on Twitter unfairly in our opinion, but are the allowance absolutely that bad if aperture these promo FIFA 15 packs?

Let us apperceive how abounding bargain fifa 15 bill you accept spent back TOTY went reside on Monday and if you accept managed to aces out any attenuate cards. Don’t overlook that the TOTY midfielders will be traveling reside after on Wednesday evening, so save some coins!

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