Monday, March 16, 2015

Level Playing Field in FIFA 15

I accept to accept there are positives and negatives to this new affection but all-embracing I'm blessed with it. If they accumulate an alive eye on sales I do anticipate that this affection can be a success (e.g. as players ethics bead abreast the minimum abate their amount range, as they access their max access the amount range). By befitting on top of this they can still advance a accustomed bazaar with players still accepting their own amount dictated by us the players rather than EA.

Two solution of EA and FIFa price

Solution 1-lower pack prices. I take it that most of you would agree with this. Before a games developer, EA is a business which has to feed billions and net a profit. As an example if EA lowered the 5k packs to 2.5k that could easily be a years profit of say 30 million halved to 15 million.

What do you think about EA?

Those who are benefiting - Silva capped at 500k and SIF Suarez at 6.5 million. Still not worth it in reality but SIF Suarez would easily of been at 15 million without the cap. How is EA trying to help? Well they are trying there best to keep prices as low as possible. For example, SIF Suarez should in reality be a 2 million the most but how would those people feel who bought MOTM at 10 million. So EA choose the safer option and go through the middle at 6.5 million.

Friday, March 6, 2015

Significance of FIFA 15

FIFA 15′s crowds exhibit unique actions that more accurately match the teams on the pitch.Man City’s fans, on the other hand, are more than ready to engage in their recently-adopted ‘Poznan’ victory dance after an important win.

Now, sure, I could just play FIFA 14. It's not available on the App Store any more, but I can re-download it from my Purchased history.The player physics have a pleasing weight to their movements that feels realistic. The controls have been expanded upon, to where you can now do through lobs, and finesse shots are actually done by swiping on the shoot button! Being able to disable the style move button for increased pass flexibility really opens up the game. FIFA 15 feels like a subtle, but significant advance for the series.

Colliding opponents ability angle up and advance one addition while jawing for a moment, or a amateur ability about-face to their assistant and accord them a accede afterwards missing a attempt to let them apperceive the absent ambition was the accountability of their foot, not a bad pass.

The contracts system, then, is the real downer on this game. I would understand if it was more of a pure energy system, and getting replacements for bronze-level players is cheap and easy enough. But it's the specter that haunts everything you do in this game, that even your lower-tier squads are a ticking time bomb that you must constantly manage. And when you get that Ultimate Team, you can't really enjoy it for too long. I suppose that's true of sports in real life, sure. But does the contracts system make the game more fun? I can definitely say that it does not.

A big complaint I've had with FIFA over the years has been its abhorrence of counter-attacking football. Through-balls rarely begin accessible space, and even if they did, defenders could calmly run down attackers. Not this year. EA accept done a complete 180, with through-balls acid calmly into advanced accessible pastures and attackers able to bolt through assimilate ambition already they've got the ball. Some humans will accuse this throws out balance, but as anyone who enjoys this appearance of football - and let's not forget, a lot of teams account a lot of goals like this - I adulation it.

More fifa 15 coins cheap from online, well done as it is!

Best striker in FIFA game and FIFA coins

So why is Salomon Kalou OP? I believe he is, pound for pound, the best striker in the game. My scores are consistently 2-1, 0-1, 2-2 that sort of score. Kalou's scoring rate is;

231 games played
151 goals scored
55 assists

Friday, February 27, 2015

Rules with FIFA 15 coins

Usefull Rules:

1.You can only use players that are 23 or younger.

2.After every game, you pick a player randomly and you have to play him for at least one game. Loss — bronze. Draw — non-rare silver. Win — rare silver. I use Futhead Random Card feature. Just pressing button until I get a card of right age and rareness.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Learn defend corners and make FIFA coins

Defending the corner is the same as defending the cross. As bound as accessible change to a amateur abreast the bend taker. Run him abroad from the box. You can flick the appropriate stick appear the amateur to do this. You can flick the right stick towards the player to do this.

FIFA15 corner header win 1

EA Release Third Batch of Winter Transfers

              third batch leaders

EA Sports FIFA has released the third batch of winter transfers ahead of the January upgrades coming at the end of this week. The recent releases have come as a huge surprise to gamers all cross the world, as transfers tend to come at the end of the transfer window. The first transfer update was released on January 20th and the second a day later.  The third accumulation was appear over the weekend and it has alone congenital action for January upgrades.

Monday, February 9, 2015

FIFA 15 coins with 59th Minute Method

By now, accomplished FIFA Ultimate Team players will be ailing of audition about this as consistently as a money authoritative method. The accuracy is, the 59th minute adjustment is an abundantly advantageous way of authoritative money in FIFA 14 Ultimate Team and can be done whether you accept 100 bill or 1 actor coins. It's a actual basal abstraction and there's a lot of antagonism involved, but it's consistently account it.

Make more coins by contact card

Buying and selling FIFA 15 coins contract relies mostly on luck. You need to determine your price point because there are a number of variables that come into play here: profit margin, time, and consumable pile/transfer list size. You need to find a profit margin that makes you the most amount of money. While you can try to sell at 100 coins more than you bought at, it may be difficult to keep up for long enough to make it noticeably profitable because your available space for these cards will keep filling up.

Advantage of Time Zones to maximize your profit

The important thing to remember with this method is that the U.K. is by far the most active region in terms of FIFA 15 Ultimate Team players. U.K. players dominate the trading market and provide the most activity. It is safe to assume that they are the "average" FUT trader when buying and selling on the market. What is useful about this is knowing that you can scoop up the best deals when most people in the U.K. are asleep, between 1am GMT to early morning. On average, players will cost less, so take advantage of this.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Buy FIFA 15 Coins and strike system

“If you insist on buying coins you might get banned from the game.” That is what EA said last few months after FIFA 15 official release.

So to recap, EA laid out their advance plan for anyone agreeable in bill affairs and selling. For anyone affairs or announcement there is a 3 bang system:

Original card and FIFA 15 coins

We could pick Tevez, Benzema, Aubameyang, Divid Silva, Pogba and others. They’re players that can receive an UP for their regular cards, which would make their IF attributes rise for a change.

For those who don’t have much to invest and still want to go for the low-cost IFs, just focus on those with good trading capaticies.Donavan, he’s cheap and less demanded at the moment but once some MLS-related tournament comes out, his price will rise ridiculously.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Some FIFA 15 PS4 issue

PS4 users who got FIFA 15 endure Tuesday, as the bold launched in the US, accept begin a lag problem, that about fabricated the bold so slow, it became unplayable. To be able to play after lag issues, players bare to abstract from the internet, which was accomplished if you admired to play offline, but the botheration remained for anybody aggravating to play online.

FIFA 15 January update to Real Madrid player

Forget Benzema to Liverpool. The alteration that anybody is talking about is Martin Odegaard, Real Madrid’s latest signing. The 16 year old has already fabricated his move to the Spanish giants and now absorption has switched to if EA will action a Martin Odegaard FIFA 15 update.

There’s no denying that this kid has got the talent, but were Real Madrid right to swoop early with skeptics saying that he’ll be left on the bench for a long time?

After all, how do you displace a midfield that features Toni Kroos, Gareth Bale, James Rodriguez, Isco and Luka Modric? The deal is done either way and at this present time, Odegaard is not on FIFA 15.
The obvious question is when will Martin Odegaard be on FIFA 15 in an update – will EA act quick and add the player in the FIFA 15 January updates, or will they wait until the Summer?

A lot of players are also very eager to check out what the Martin Odegaard FIFA 15 stats and card will be on FIFA 15 Ultimate Team.Early predictions suggest that he will be a silver rated player, with an average rating of around 70-75.

Friday, January 23, 2015

EA's three problems have affected FIFA 15

For many weeks and even months, FIFA 15 managed to dominate the best seller gaming charts in the UK. Electronic Arts FIFA has proven that it’s miles ahead of its competitor Pro Evolution Soccer (PES), but the storied franchise has consistently dropped the ball in gameplay and content.

EA has done a remarkable job with the physics engine, gameplay, presentation and licensing, but they have added new features and policies that has deteriorated the game.  There are three consequential problems that have affected FIFA 15 gameplay.

Offline gameplay has been totally ignored

We can all accede that FIFA Ultimate Aggregation (FUT) and online bold modes are the best appearance of the games. We all accept been chip somehow to arena online with adolescent gamers all beyond the world. FUT allows you to body your dream aggregation and a lot of can altercate that this is conceivably one of the a lot of accomplishing things in the game. FUT has become so immense in FIFA that abounding are proposing a standalone adaptation of the game.

EA’s attraction with FUT has affected them to carelessness offline gameplay. It is bright that they spent the atomic absorption on this feature. Seriously, alfresco of Career Mode, what abroad is there to do? There aren’t abounding absorbing offline bold modes. Whenever the servers are down (which is often), it is acceptable a lot of of us can’t play. No one wants to decay time of the Training Ground or play the Legends.

Park the Bus was simply wrong for gaming

Real life football teams employ Park the Bus as a defensive tactic, so EA introducing it in FIFA 15 would appear plausible. However, it has been severely exploited by gamers and using the tactic is no longer strategy or fun gaming. The idea has potential, but it can make super teams impossible to beat. Having extreme offensive and defensive strategies are necessary in gameplay, but Park the Bus should not be a necessary evil.

Cheating with Coin Sellers

Here we are again discussing FUT. Sure enough, people have figured out how to abuse the coin system in Ultimate Team. FIFA 15 coins sellers make it much easier to build your dream squad. This is a serious problem for genuine players, because the quality of a team now depends on who can afford the highest. Much like gaming and movie privacy, this is issue has spread like wild fire without no real way of stopping it. Ultimate Team loses its legitimacy due to sellers and buyers who don’t play fair.

How to beat formations in FIFA?

EA has provided a top notch product in FIFA 15 for the next gen gaming consoles, PS4 and Xbox One. We all may not be able to do a successful rabona or a scorpion kick, but after this tutorial you will at least know how to dive!

Many believe diving is a cheap trick to gain possession of the ball in world football, but you can’t deny that it is effective and often used in big leagues.We all can agree that diving makes football The Beautiful Game, producing some of the most theatrical performances. Diving is even more deadly if a player can win a penalty kick in the box.

Though this is not clearly mentioned or accomplished in EA tutorials, diving can be done, so actuality we go.

While you’re running, a amateur will ability out his duke to cull your shirt or shoulder. That’s the cue!

Simply put, as anon as the opponent’s amateur begins to arrest your player, hit the button to accomplish a lob pass/slide tackle/cross (X on Xbox or aboveboard on Play Station)

If the brawl is a brace anxiety advanced of you, that’s absolute to advertise the foul
ALSO, if you are confused how to beat formations in FIFA? See our article.

Taking better Corner Kicks

For a long time, people have taken free kicks by simply shooting straight into the crowd hoping to find someone with a header. Let us just say that’s not the most effective way to take a corner kick. There are a couple ways to be a bit more tactical, hence having a higher scoring chance.

You can control the player who will receive the cross – you have better control of who receives the ball, perhaps your player with best header
You can select one of four different options on your D-pad for tactics (or as they appear on your controller after pressing down on the D-pad first)
Crowd the keeper – left
Run near post – down
Edge of box run – right
Run far post  – up
Taking better Throw-Ins

You can use the right joystick to control a player and take the ball when a throw-in occurs. This is much better than leaving it to chance. You can use the corresponding button to throw-in the ball directly to who you are controlling.

Monday, January 19, 2015

How would they raise the funds to pay the players?

Shouldn't 1 on 1 FIFA amateur be bigger as an esport? There are so abounding means to boggle with approach and formations and the way you can play these canicule that it is such a bold of chess in agreement of outthinking your opponent. I apperceive they accept the fifa alternating World Cup, but doesn't anyone accept there should be a abounding ambit for humans who are just absolutely acceptable at fifa?

How would they raise the funds to pay the players I hear you ask? Well, what I think they should do marketing wise is use the model of PDC darts, bill the players as "indoor athletes" because anyone who plays FIFA 15 coins knows that it takes a lot of time, effort, dedication and intelligence to be at a good level. So they could have the entrance themes for both players and make it like a boozy night out for spectators, which would make watching appealing to a far larger number of people.

How could they keep making it exciting? Well they could always create different concepts for tournaments, in the way that PDC darts does. They could have leagues, knockouts and seeding procedures, so that maybe the underdog gets to use the best team, or something like that.

Another idea is that they could do like an NFL draft type thing, where everyone in the tournament gets to pick one player at a time eventually comprising a squad, which then would be their squad for the rest of the competition.

I believe fifa should be bigger as an esport and I know a lot of you do as well.

If I get enough support with this message, I will write a letter to ea sports requesting that this should be done. Anything I should have mentioned please let me know. Also; feel free to add your own ideas to what I have said, I welcome alternate opinions.


It's that time of year in the FIFA activity cycle, it's the Winter area EA Sports does their anniversary upgrades on Ultimate Team. These ambit from advance players low rated to even some of the best players in the game. Today we altercate some of those abeyant upgraded cards.

Alexandre Lacazette



He's been on an absolute tear this season and deserves this upgrade. He's had two informs already and has had weeks were a third inform could have been given to him many times. While it may not seem like a major upgrade, this is one of the best cards from the Ligue 1 that could be paired up with Ibrahimovic or Cavani. There aren't many good strikers from that league so an 83 rated second inform card will skyrocket in price.

David De Gea



By far the best goalkeeper in the Premier League this season, De Gea deserves this upgrade as he's quickly becoming one of the best in the world. He's also had two informs this season and is quickly getting to the point where he'll be the top pick over Iker Casillas (who has also been playing well). This would make him the second highest rated GK in the BPL behind Thibaut Courtois and tied with Petr Cech. His 87 rated second in-form will skyrocket in price as well.

Alexis Sanchez



This man is easily a candidate for best player in the Premier League, as he's basically the only reason Arsenal is in 5th place right now. Without him the Gunners are at best mid-table. Another player with 2 IF cards, he deserves an upgrade of 3 as it reflects how good he really is this season. This would undoubtedly make him the most coveted right winger in the Premier League but it would also make him one of the best cards in the game. Over 90 in pace, dribbling and shot? Consider me excited as this is an upgrade that should and will happen. The likelihood that it's an 87 is low, but an 86 is probably what we'll get.

It'll be exciting to see, if there are any other players you think deserve an upgrade, let me know in the comments!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

What do you think Ronaldo in Ballon d'Or?

Ballon d'Or is a political acceptance challenge area money talks and mainly goals matter. You alone accept to attending aback to the aspersion of 2013 and accept what happened again and why, if they continued the voting deadline. Anyone with a bisected a academician knows that they didnt wish Messi to win 5th Ballon d'Or on row because "it could accept fabricated the accolade beneath important." They aswell didnt wish Ribery to win it because he is not bankable abundant so they continued the vote a day afterwards Ronaldo had denticulate a hattrick adjoin Sweden and it was a big account everywhere and acutely afflicted the result.

Also, you cant compare these that are now won to the ones that were won 1955-2009. For instance Pele never won it and Maradona only once. So now that Ronaldo and Messi will most likely both win it like 4-6 times in the end, does that make them superior players to Maradona and Pele..? Of course not.

To add my few thoughts about the annual Ronaldo vs Messi (vs others) discussion. Humans absolutely put way too abundant accent alone on bulk of goals scored. If you attending at Ronaldo, a actual big procent of hes goals comes adjoin anemic teams in Spain and in the CL accumulation stage. (and just this division 30% of hes goals accept been penalties and just one alfresco the box) compared to the way he in fact performs in those 15-20 hardest amateur during a year, the aberration there is huge.

And I must say that people who actually watch the games must see the big difference in the way Messi and Ronaldo play and the biggest difference I would say is that even if Messi doesnt score a goal in a game, he could still be one of the best if not the best player on the field where as Ronaldo, if he doesnt score, he is usually pretty useless to hes team because of hes selfishness (shoots almost as much as Benzema, Bale and James all three combinet) the non-existent playmaking ability and defending.

And the Ronaldo advertising in 2013 and 2014 has been appealing asinine too. Just searching at their goals and assists per bold ratio, they are about identical. Just a little in favour of Ronaldo. With the advertising you would anticipate there is a huge gap and so alleged best year for Ronaldo and anemic year for Messi was 30 goals beneath than Messis 91 ambition year. Now there is the absolute gap. Not to even allocution some added important stats that are abandoned like key passes. This division in La Liga they are about the aforementioned but in CL afterwards 6 amateur Ronaldo has 6 key passes and Messi has 23.

So its sad how dark humans accept become just because of goals and use those mainly as an altercation in "who is the bigger player" discussion. Football imo is abundant added than just goals.

So to end, do you anticipate they fabricated Ballon d'Or worse in 2010, absolutely broke it in 2013 and aswell accede that maybe already both Ronaldo and Messi are out of the picture, this accolade will become added like it was afore 2010..?

TOTY card of Mega or Rare packs

While you still accept time to get your easily on the TOTY defenders and goalkeeper until Wednesday evening, we accept a quick heads-up for you now as FIFA 15 UT 50K packs as able-bodied as Mega Packs are now live.

This is basically EA’s way of saying that if you want a ‘better’ chance of getting TOTY Ramos or TOTY Neuer, you should spend your fifa 15 coins on the more expensive packs which supposedly have greater odds.

Just to remind you, the FIFA 15 50K packs come with 12 items, which are all gold and are all rare. The description states that every player you receive is top rated, so theoretically you are bound to get something you like for dropping 50K fifa coins on it.

The FIFA 15 Mega Packs are also live though. These cost 35K and offer a total of 30 items. These are quite good in terms of value in our opinion. 26 of the 30 items will be gold rated, while 18 of them will be rare so it’s not bad at all.

The question is though, what are the exact odds of finding a TOTY card inside of Mega or Rare packs compared to standard gold packs? Once again, it will all come down to luck but we hope that some of you have managed to pick out some of the new TOTY cards.

We see that EA get a bad acceptability on Twitter unfairly in our opinion, but are the allowance absolutely that bad if aperture these promo FIFA 15 packs?

Let us apperceive how abounding bargain fifa 15 bill you accept spent back TOTY went reside on Monday and if you accept managed to aces out any attenuate cards. Don’t overlook that the TOTY midfielders will be traveling reside after on Wednesday evening, so save some coins!

Saturday, January 10, 2015

FIFA 15 be the released game

Given it 3 sessions over three days, unbelievable unfairness and double standards - can't score, opponent can.

Shooting was patched slightly but still broken but defending and goalkeeping has been patched massively so = can't score goals.

I thought this game was atrocious on release and said so BUT AT LEAST YOU COULD SCORE GOALS. The shoot button was even worse than now BUT if you used finesse or double-tap you could score. I even scored with quite a few headers. NOT NOW. I'm starting to agree with those who say the defending has been patched for noobs and it seems to have been 'helped' a bit TOO much. I'm not a hypocrite, I didn't much like the defending on release BUT I got used to it. But EA have patched the defending back to 14 levels or worse but NOT the shooting. And now thanks to the improved keepers, scoring is almost impossible in most games.

Sure, I got one or two aberration wins to deceive me that things were "back to normal" and that maybe I had abstruse how to annual and just bare added matches but again any time I face a appropriate adversary whom I according or actualize more/better affairs than, I don't win, I don't even score. It's not as if I am getting outplayed a lot of of the time. A lot of of my matches are even or I play hardly better/create bigger affairs BUT THEY DO NOT GO IN.

UNLESS you are my adversary in which case one or two of your shots will go in and you'll even get advice from CPU-induced errors (pushing my goalie up for a bend in the endure minute if I instructed no such thing, authoritative my CBs run into anniversary other) or refereeing decisions traveling one way.

In the endure bold I played  (30 mins anyway) he had two shots and denticulate both, I was apple-pie through on his babysitter alert and both got saved. You should accept apparent his additional goal...what a bruised attempt and yet it went in.

In the last game I played (30 mins anyway) he had two shots and scored both, I was clean through on his keeper twice and both got saved. You should have seen his second goal...what a lame shot and yet it went in.

Shooting in FIFA 15: HIGH. WIDE. SAVED. HIGH. WIDE. SAVED. Repeat ad nauseum.

In a match I played against a good player, I went behind to some weird and sudden burst of acceleration out of nowhere which put his striker through on my goal (of course he scored, at the other end it would have been saved) so I went crazy on pressure and attacking, I took LOTS of shots from outside the box and NOT A SINGLE ONE WAS ON TARGET. I've been playing since FIFA 12 (after a few years break). I know how to shoot and how shooting power works. This game is appalling, not my shooting.

In 13 or 14 at least some, probably all of these shots would have hit the goal and some corners would have resulted. I may even have scored one. But in 15....ALL went high or wide (mostly high). It's not as if I am so stupid as to not know when to let go of the shoot power button but in 15 there is no consistency, no happy medium, I was almost tapping it but you have to hold it down in 15 or else it's a weak, lame shot. If you do hold it down for slightly longer, it goes over the bar.

The only thing I can say "in defence" of this game is that I played a session or two on FIFA 14 and faced similar problems so maybe my account is being nerfed. But in 13 and 14 unfair losses came due to "other factors" and when that phase passed you could manage to get a few wins. This is just not happening in 15 and the broken, awful shooting has a lot to do with that. Shots don't go where you aim them to go and when they do, they're saved.

Generic height, middle of the goal or in the unlikely event you get it wide of the keeper but not wide of the goal, doesn't matter, it's still saved.

I played more than enough unfair matches in 13 and 14 so I'm not putting up with it for another year. At least in previous FIFAs I knew how to score and shots went where I wanted them to go, generally. You can't "master" the shooting by practice in 15 because it's so erratic, generic and oversentitive, it's like using semi or manual, the least bit of direction you put on a shot means it goes miles wide. Put no direction on it and it's straight at the keeper.

I've had enough of long spells of possession and passing and struggling to break down OP defences only to find that when I do my shots and headers will never go in (no reward) while one or two of my opponent's will go in. It's double standards, it's unfair and it's boring.

So I'm done. Boredom + unfairness + unrealism + EA nerfs the shooting just for the sake of change to make the same game engine look 'different this year' = I've had enough.

tl;dr version: too hard to score, shooting is broken, defences and goalies are supermen, opponent can score but you can't despite having better chances, unfair and boring, I'm not playing anymore.


In a match I played against a good player, I went behind to some weird and sudden burst of acceleration out of nowhere which put his striker through on my goal (of course he scored, at the other end it would have been saved) so I went crazy on pressure and attacking, I took LOTS of shots from outside the box and NOT A SINGLE ONE WAS ON TARGET. I've been playing since FIFA 12 (after a few years break). I know how to shoot and how shooting power works. This game is appalling, not my shooting.

In 13 or 14 at atomic some, apparently all of these shots would accept hit the ambition and some corners would accept resulted. I may even accept denticulate one. But in FIFA 15 coins....ALL went top or advanced (mostly high). It's not as if I am so brainless as to not apperceive if to let go of the shoot ability button but in 15 there is no consistency, no blessed medium, I was about borer it but you accept to authority it down in 15 or abroad it's a weak, bruised shot. If you do authority it down for hardly longer, it goes over the bar.

The only thing I can say "in defence" of this game is that I played a session or two on FIFA 14 and faced similar problems so maybe my account is being nerfed. But in 13 and 14 unfair losses came due to "other factors" and when that phase passed you could manage to get a few wins. This is just not happening in 15 and the broken, awful shooting has a lot to do with that. Shots don't go where you aim them to go and when they do, they're saved.

Generic height, middle of the goal or in the unlikely event you get it wide of the keeper but not wide of the goal, doesn't matter, it's still saved.

I played added than abundant arbitrary matches in 13 and 14 so I'm not putting up with it for addition year. At atomic in antecedent FIFAs I knew how to account and shots went area I capital them to go, generally. You can't "master" the cutting by convenance in 15 because it's so erratic, all-encompassing and oversentitive, it's like application semi or manual, the atomic bit of administration you put on a attempt agency it goes afar wide. Put no administration on it and it's beeline at the keeper.

I've had enough of long spells of possession and passing and struggling to break down OP defences only to find that when I do my shots and headers will never go in (no reward) while one or two of my opponent's will go in. It's double standards, it's unfair and it's boring.

So I'm done. Boredom + bent + unrealism + EA nerfs the cutting just for the account of change to accomplish the aforementioned bold engine attending 'different this year' = I've had enough.

dr version: too harder to score, cutting is broken, defences and goalies are supermen, adversary can account but you can't admitting accepting bigger chances, arbitrary and boring, I'm not arena anymore.

Cristiano Ronaldo vs Lionel Messi professional career


It’s a able-bodied formed agitation which seemed to achieve if Barcelona won the Champions League and League bifold in 2011, headed by Lionel Messi who won Fifa 15 coins Apple Amateur of the Year and the Ballon D’or for the third year in succession.

However this year has seen a shift in the balance of power towards that of Cristiano Ronaldo, often heralded in the pre-Messi era as the greatest individual player on the planet.

Cristiano Ronaldo:
Age: 27

In his adult professional career Ronaldo has played for three clubs in three different countries, Sporting CP, Manchester United and Real Madrid respectively. In that time he has played 467 times scoring 269 goals.
The most impressive of these totals has been his time at Real Madrid where he has scored 146 goals in just 144 performances.

He has 11 club honours which include the Champions League and FIFA World Club Cup whilst also winning the League in two different countries.

He has 63 individual playing honours including several Premier League Player of the months, inclusion in European and World teams of the year, a Ballon Do’r, a FIFA World Player of the Year and a FIFPro World Player of the year.

In summer 2009 he transferred from Manchester United to Real Madrid for £80 million, making him the most expensive footballer of all time.

Lionel Messi:
Age: 25

In his adult professional career Messi has played just for Barcelona and has played 329 times scoring 253 times, in the 2011-2012 season he scored 73 goals, becoming the highest individual season goal-scorer in the history of football whilst also surpassing Cesar Rodriguez as Barcelona’s highest individual goal scorer in official competitions.

He has 19 club honours which include 3 Champions League titles and two FIFA Club World Cup trophies.

He has 77 individual honours including 3 Ballon d’Ors and 5 inclusions in the FIFA/FIFPro World 11s.

He has 14 World records and 5 Barcelona records all completed before his 25th birthday.
Talking Points:
Cristiano Ronaldo has denticulate added goals but with addition 100 added appearances than Messi

who has been attributed on the Apple Stage a dozen times added than Ronaldo whilst getting two years younger.

It is about account advertence that Ronaldo has played the majority of his career in the
Barclays Premier League which, beneath the affirmation of Rupert Murdoch active Sky pundits,
is a abundant added aggressive analysis than the duopoly featured in La Liga. Indeed, Ronaldo has averaged added than a ambition a bold for Real Madrid which outstretches Messi’s all-embracing goal scoring almanac for Barcelona.

Also Messi has played for Barcelona, broadly admired as one of the best teams in the apple
and for the endure 4 years, the greatest aggregation back the aurora of altruism (the Barcelona PR team told us this fact)

Also it can be argued that Ronaldo has spent the physical prime of his career (argued to be between 25 and 29) in Spain whereas Messi is yet to hit his.

Who wins on numbers:

A tie, Ronaldo’s got less individual accolades but hasn’t had the advantage of playing for the greatest team in all of humanity for the last few years and in the same division, Ronaldo’s goal scoring record outdoes Messi’s making it difficult to choose.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

FIFA 15 : Xbox One vs PS4

For years, the gamers have been arguing about which soccer game is better. Actually, that depends of each gamer’s play style. However, FIFA 15 is a great game that got released on September 25, 2014.

Of course, we’re pretty sure that you have waited that date like Christmas, to be able to play it on your new bought console, Xbox One or PlayStation 4. Now that you’ve finally got it, you are wondering if the game looks better on your Xbox One or your friend’s PlayStation 4.

Despite the better GPU capabilities that the PlayStation 4 comes with, it seems that Xbox One is able to bring more vibrant colors. Here is a video comparison between the two consoles running FIFA 15:

As you can see clearly, FIFA 15 coins looks better on Xbox One, but even so, the difference is not that big to care so much. There are other games that while making a comparison between one game played on these two consoles, you can come out with some real comparison in terms of game lag, FPS dropping, graphics and more.

However, on FIFA 15 that’s the single tiny thing you will notice, slightly improved graphics on Xbox One, but nothing more. If you are not sure what console you should get, we suggest you to read a detailed comparison between Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

We also consider that you should also read a comparison about the games that you plan to play for your console, so this way you will know which one of these two consoles run your favorite games better.

FIFA 15 - Xbox One vs PS4 2

It is acceptable to apperceive that FIFA 15 was the top agent in UK. It seems that no bold was able to exhausted this bold in agreement of sales. However, as you all know, soccer is a actual accepted bold in UK, so that makes sense.

Until now, EA Amateur has awash over 2.63 billion FIFA 15 amateur and on additional abode they accept Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, with alone 1.83 billion amateur sold. It seems that the soccer bold is accepting added and added admirers latel,y so this will put a bigger burden on the developers for the accessible FIFA 16.

FIFA 15 : best seller game in UK

For many weeks and even months, FIFA 15 managed to dominate the best seller gaming charts in UK besides other regions.

While the debate of PES 2015 versus FIFA 15 debate is a never ending argument, the game by itself is not the best version around.

Sure, Electronic Arts has done a great job with the presentation, licensing and style but they have introduced some drastic new changes and adopted new policies which drag the game down.

Park the Bus was a Mistake

Park the Bus, even admitting arguable has now become a broadly accustomed tactic even in absolute activity football and we can’t accusation EA for introducing it to FIFA 15 coins. The abstraction has a lot of abeyant to it because acute breach and aegis strategies can consistently change even the affliction bold into an agitative one.

But, if it comes to online play, players generally accomplishment it and do not use it as a strategy. As anon as they login to play any bold in the Ultimate aggregation or with the Seasons, the players instantly about-face to Park the Bus so that they can use it during matches. This is a bad best which should be rectified.

Offline is so ignored

Without questions, even PES lovers apperceive that the Ultimate Aggregation and online modes in FIFA 15 is the best around. The modes and appearance are so amazingly advised that you get a abundant acquaintance arena in it, architecture your aggregation appear achievement and acceptance your close gamer abilities to adore the best.

But, the botheration lies in the offline approach area Electronic Arts may accept lent the atomic accessible attention. There are hardly any offline bold modes to absorption players. You can’t acquire added money in career approach and you are affected to be in Ultimate aggregation all the time. What happens if PSN and Xbox Live outages like the contempo ones yield place? You don’t game, that’s all they say!

Cheating with Coin Sellers

EA has been doing their best but coin sellers continue to spoil FIFA 15 for genuine players because you easily pay and build your ultimate team by paying for those coins. If payment is all that matters, then it comes to those who can afford the highest. This is cheating in a completely different form that the entire internet has been complaining about but just like gaming and movie privacy, this doesn’t come to an end so easily. There are sellers and buyers who spoil the game for everyone else.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Can FIFA return stronger than ever ?

I have always been a big fan of FIFA 15 coins, but as we all know, every year EA Sports finds ways to annoy and frustrate us. And this year's instalment, FIFA 15 is no different.

After a few months of playing it, I've highlighted three flaws which have actually made me quite disappointed with the new game.


When EA Sports announced this feature during promotion I knew of the damage it would bring to the game. Yes, it is a realistic tactic, but it's exploited so much by online players to the extent that gameplay has ultimately been ruined.

All the fun has been removed from online FIFA and I blame most of it on this tiny new feature, which has had a massive impact on my opinion of the game. We've all been there. The first thing players do on Ultimate Team, online Seasons and Pro Clubs is switch to 'Park the Bus', and it's so frustrating to see.


Exciting end-to-end matches are so rare in FIFA 15, as every attack is met with at least five defenders camping on the edge of the box. That's not football! And I'm seriously surprised that it is being encouraged in FIFA 15.

It does remind me of a similar situation from the most recent FIFA Street game, and it's own online mode. FIFA Street has an online mode? Yes and it's just as flawed.

Here, instead of actually trying to score skilful goals, online players preferred to do the complete opposite. And I don't blame them as tricks didn't make you win; simply scoring goals did, even on a game so focused on encouraging flair and skills.

The point is, give players the ammunition to exploit the game, and they will. You could argue EA Sports aren't to blame for this, but I think they are. Surely adding this feature was bound to have this effect, and ultimately I am reluctant to play online on FIFA 15, much like I was after just one game on FIFA Street.


Again, EA Sports accept approved to accord with this issue. But yet this affair is still animate and well, as our favourite FIFA YouTubers haven't had a botheration assuming us.

For those who don't know, bread sellers on Ultimate Team are websites area you can in fact buy bill which are again transferred into your online account.

Correct me if I'm wrong, isn't this cheating? It absolutely has to be stopped. The accomplished purpose of Ultimate Team is befuddled out the window, and I absolutely feel apologetic for players who in fact play the bold the way it's declared to be played.


As I said, give players a chance and they will exploit the game. All we can hope for is that EA Sports make dealing with this a priority and in their defence I'm sure something is being done.

Nevertheless, the coin selling is another example of how FIFA 15 has been ruined for so many people, yet EA Sports still walk away with millions (and I don't mean FIFA coins).


It seems EA Sports have almost abandoned offline game mode fans, including Manager and Player Career modes that have hardly been touched this year.

It's very obvious why this is the case. There's no extra money to be earned through Career Mode, unlike Ultimate Team where so much intake comes from players buying packs, and personally I understand why nearly all time and effort is focused on Ultimate Team. As a profit-based company, it's clear why this is case.


Although this still frustrates me. Due to the flaws of Ultimate Team this year, I've been mostly playing offline Career, which hasn't really been improved and is basically an updated version of the previous game, as I'll cover in depth another time.

EA Sports charge to realise that there is so abundant abeyant for offline modes, and I'm acutely assertive that they could aftermath a Career Approach to battling Football Manager.

But so far this hasn't been the case, and this is apparently what annoys me a lot of about FIFA. Yes, it's about authoritative money. Yes, they alone accept to aftermath a new bold every year with new features. And yes, they may charge to save some of those appearance for approaching games.


But in all honesty I feel like FIFA's potential has not been realised, and won't be until these flaws, among others, are dealt with and then finally EA Sports can get back on the right course.

Recently they've lost sight of what once made the series great, and I truly hope this is realised so FIFA can return stronger than ever.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

January--Get Ready for FIFA 15 Upgrades

January is a awful advancing time for FIFA 15 coins players all beyond the globe. Start your countdown, because at the end of January EA  will release the first of the FIFA 15 January upgrades. The developer will upgrade the players that they deem to be worthy of improvement, just like they do every year and following on from events that transpire in the real European Transfer window.

Below we will show some specific player upgrades that EA could look at, based on performances this season. Two players expected to receive a boost is Argentinian teammates Sergio Aguero and Carlos Tevez. Both men have been in excellent form, and Tevez almost certainly will receive an upgrade considering he has two in form cards currently.

FUT 15 players will tell you that in-form cards at this stage of the season is impressive, and it is a clear-cut sign that the player will get an upgrade with a brand new rating. Above is depicted Aguero’s potential new rating, which reflects his in-form ratings.

Two added players acceptable to accept an advancement are the brand of Chelsea’s Gary Cahill and Nemanja Matic. Chelsea’s Nemanja Matic started at an 82 appraisement if FIFA 15 launched and a lot of feel he was underrated. His new predicted appraisement is 84, and the added Chelsea amateur is Gary Cahill affective from an 81 to 83 predicted appraisement afterwards the winter advancement accepted at the end of January.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Positive adjustments in FIFA 15

EA has never fabricated FIFA from a faculty of assignment or antic spiritualism. But now it has devised a apparatus able of monetising the applause of role-models with a attention that overshadows how the bold imitates and celebrates the activity itself. Ultimate Aggregation is blithely advised and compelling, but it’s aswell the Premier League-ification of FIFA 15 - it represents a altered joy, a altered compulsion. It’s not an attack to simulate football and all its pleasures.

Everything is driven by the AI, and it's only possible thanks to the processing power of the new console generation, says producer Nick Channon .

The referee blows his whistle and we immediately notice that much is different. There are no major changes, but EA has definitely made positive adjustments. Touching the ball feels more real, the player we control moves with shorter steps to change direction quickly, and the ball has significantly more weight. Now it's our turn to smile. Players touch the ball with both the inside and outside of the foot, and they are faster to deliver passes than in FIFA 14. The chipped through ball has now been nerfed meaning it’s not as much use in Fifa 15 than last time although the ground through ball has more of a significance.

The blow apprehension is accession hit and absence agency acceptation there is a lot added amends bliss accustomed this time around. Whilst in an online match, I was in the 18 backyard box lining up for a attempt if I austere accomplished a defender, again I alone to the attic and was accustomed a penalty. Whilst I was blessed about this, I wondered why it happened so I watched the epitomize which showed the apostle toe just affecting brawl as I was active past. In absolute life, it would accept been advised a dive but due to the actuality you can’t dive in Fifa 15, it’s a automated error.

All the usual modes are back and pretty much work the same as they did in previous FIFA titles, but why fix something that’s not broken, right? We buy this game because of the innovation and updates in the game play, not for the different modes. Though, I did notice that FIFA 15 coins doesn’t have the lobbies anymore, or at least I couldn’t find them on the game. Which comes as a great shame to me if they have been removed as enjoyed playing the 11v11 “Be A Pro” game modes on certain websites like where the website was based around that game mode, and was just about to re-launch after missing FIFA 14.

In accession to aggregate abroad that FIFA has brought into the 2015, there are aswell a ton of new face scans and amateur models now in the mix. The in-game footballers attending added astute than anytime and during the accurate sequences in stoppages of play, it's acknowledgment than ever. Unfortunately, it aswell takes us appealing far into the astonishing basin and it's abnormally apparent whenever you get in abutting to the action.

Naturally, there's more to FIFA 15 than aesthetics and impressive audio. Teams will adjust their tactics depending on the situation. If a club is up by a goal in the 89th minute, expect the entire team to play a more conservative game to close out the opponent. Conversely, the team down a goal will become more aggressive and desperate to score.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

How to settings of the game in FIFA 15

This is all a matter of personal preference when playing, but experiment with camera angles beyond just the default angle. The botheration with this is that aiming shots doesn't plan in the aforementioned way as passes, area pointing in a administration will aim the canyon in that direction. For shots, it's the atom of the ambition that you're aiming for. As such, you'll blaze a lot of shots to the larboard or appropriate of the ambition depending on which administration you're traveling in a side-angle camera. The end to end camera does a bigger job at acceptance you to aim shots all over the net, but I acquisition that traveling arctic seems to accommodate a greater appearance of the acreage than traveling south.The Sensible Soccer top-down view helps out a lot with this, but you get such a bad clue as to what the height of the ball is. Spend a lot of your early, easy matches playing around with camera angles and even the height/zoom settings. The camera that lets you most easily pull off passes, see opportunities, and score goals will help you get the gold you need to not have to buy FIFA 15 coins points.

Set your match times to go for as long as possible. The reason is because gold payouts are based off of counting stats. While there's a bonus for not allowing any goals, you can often offset this risk by getting more tackles and scoring more goals. Plus, you can't necessarily buy gold, and it doesn't cost any more contracts to play a longer match, so hey, why not play for as long as possible and get the most coins and time value from your players! Time is an important resource, too, but it's something you accept ascendancy over.

As well, acquisition a ascendancy ambience that you like. I use the four button arrangement with the accomplishment moves angry off – accepting the through canyon with lob is acutely accessible to me. But whatever makes you feel the a lot of adequate and able (and there's gamepad support) is what will advice you win, which gets you added coins, which gets you added success.

Play the bold regularly.

The circadian rewards sometimes just cover baby amounts of coins, but there's generally admired agenda packs that are rewarded. As well, about holidays and sometimes just because they feel like it, EA will accept tournaments that accord abroad things like Jumbo Agenda Packs. Go harder for those, they amount a lot of coins. Tournaments are consistently a risk, yes, but the advantageous ones accomplish them absolutely worthwhile. As well, appropriate agenda packs that accommodate abundant ethics or huge numbers of attenuate gold cards pop up every now and then. At atomic analysis in regularly. And accompany up to Facebook, too.  This is not just because there's a card pack reward for doing so, but because the server connection is often so finnicky that you can easily lose progress if you don't sync up progress. So do that! And hey, cloud saving is there too!