Monday, March 16, 2015

Level Playing Field in FIFA 15

I accept to accept there are positives and negatives to this new affection but all-embracing I'm blessed with it. If they accumulate an alive eye on sales I do anticipate that this affection can be a success (e.g. as players ethics bead abreast the minimum abate their amount range, as they access their max access the amount range). By befitting on top of this they can still advance a accustomed bazaar with players still accepting their own amount dictated by us the players rather than EA.

Two solution of EA and FIFa price

Solution 1-lower pack prices. I take it that most of you would agree with this. Before a games developer, EA is a business which has to feed billions and net a profit. As an example if EA lowered the 5k packs to 2.5k that could easily be a years profit of say 30 million halved to 15 million.

What do you think about EA?

Those who are benefiting - Silva capped at 500k and SIF Suarez at 6.5 million. Still not worth it in reality but SIF Suarez would easily of been at 15 million without the cap. How is EA trying to help? Well they are trying there best to keep prices as low as possible. For example, SIF Suarez should in reality be a 2 million the most but how would those people feel who bought MOTM at 10 million. So EA choose the safer option and go through the middle at 6.5 million.