Friday, December 5, 2014

Let’s see the amazing new features in FIFA 15

This new Fifa 15 release is expected to fulfill the desires of the players and cheap FIFA 15 coins buyer involved in the online daily life of the series. With the wishlists around the net and EA Sports listening to its audience, let’s see the new features in FIFA 15.

Now for the very first time, gamers will be able to position their players anywhere they want when taking a set piece like a free-kick, corner or throw-in and gain that extra yard needed to make the difference and create the space to score. This is a total game changer and a lot of matches could totally depend on who decides to take advantage of this cool new feature and use it against their opponent.

Tyler and Smith will also converse on happenings in lower leagues too such as QPR’s last minute goal against Derby County in the Championship Play-Off Final. These are the sort of things commentators mention in real life so to see them here in Fifa 15 helps the game feel even more lifelike, and helps to create the perfect Premier League experience.

It’s also worth noting that these comments show that players still genuinely enjoy FIFA 15 Ultimate Team when the game is working for them. Indeed, many of the most critical comments are nested in glowing praise of the game and the improvements EA has made to the series since FIFA 14. And the new game has retained high marks in terms of its aggregate rankings on both iTunes and Google Play since it launched last month. As is often the case, these player complaints seem to be coming from a place of love more than anything else.

The new generation of smarter consoles also leads to smarter AI in FIFA 15 as well. Players will intelligently find space and time their runs to match the flow of play, often predicting passes to help you move the ball out of defence during potentially dangerous moments, or mounting a dangerous counter-attack.


    Mircale goals from distance aren't as common
    Ultimate team
    Defending takes skill
    Passing feels smoother

    Long passes are far too easy to pull off
    1 on 1 opportunities are too difficult to score
    Servers/connection issues
    Single player matches are frustating and boring