Saturday, January 10, 2015


In a match I played against a good player, I went behind to some weird and sudden burst of acceleration out of nowhere which put his striker through on my goal (of course he scored, at the other end it would have been saved) so I went crazy on pressure and attacking, I took LOTS of shots from outside the box and NOT A SINGLE ONE WAS ON TARGET. I've been playing since FIFA 12 (after a few years break). I know how to shoot and how shooting power works. This game is appalling, not my shooting.

In 13 or 14 at atomic some, apparently all of these shots would accept hit the ambition and some corners would accept resulted. I may even accept denticulate one. But in FIFA 15 coins....ALL went top or advanced (mostly high). It's not as if I am so brainless as to not apperceive if to let go of the shoot ability button but in 15 there is no consistency, no blessed medium, I was about borer it but you accept to authority it down in 15 or abroad it's a weak, bruised shot. If you do authority it down for hardly longer, it goes over the bar.

The only thing I can say "in defence" of this game is that I played a session or two on FIFA 14 and faced similar problems so maybe my account is being nerfed. But in 13 and 14 unfair losses came due to "other factors" and when that phase passed you could manage to get a few wins. This is just not happening in 15 and the broken, awful shooting has a lot to do with that. Shots don't go where you aim them to go and when they do, they're saved.

Generic height, middle of the goal or in the unlikely event you get it wide of the keeper but not wide of the goal, doesn't matter, it's still saved.

I played added than abundant arbitrary matches in 13 and 14 so I'm not putting up with it for addition year. At atomic in antecedent FIFAs I knew how to account and shots went area I capital them to go, generally. You can't "master" the cutting by convenance in 15 because it's so erratic, all-encompassing and oversentitive, it's like application semi or manual, the atomic bit of administration you put on a attempt agency it goes afar wide. Put no administration on it and it's beeline at the keeper.

I've had enough of long spells of possession and passing and struggling to break down OP defences only to find that when I do my shots and headers will never go in (no reward) while one or two of my opponent's will go in. It's double standards, it's unfair and it's boring.

So I'm done. Boredom + bent + unrealism + EA nerfs the cutting just for the account of change to accomplish the aforementioned bold engine attending 'different this year' = I've had enough.

dr version: too harder to score, cutting is broken, defences and goalies are supermen, adversary can account but you can't admitting accepting bigger chances, arbitrary and boring, I'm not arena anymore.

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