Monday, December 1, 2014

Is FIFA Increasing Soccer Popularity in the US?

EA’s franchise seller FIFA has garnered great acclaim across the globe and is currently the highest selling sports game in recent years. The rise in appeal and popularity of the FIFA series in the US is increasing the popularity of the sport most know and refer to as ‘pro soccer.’

We think EA means ‘football,’ so we’re going to work on that pretense. Interestingly, EA reports in a survey that 34% of US gamers who’ve played FIFA have gone on to become fans of the beautiful game while 50% say playing the game has increased their interest in the sport.

The US is now FIFA’s second biggest territory, presumably behind the UK, with the region hosting 292 million games, 3.1 billion minutes and 637 million goals in the last year alone. An astounding 95% of US football gamers play FIFA. In addition, there has been a 112% spike in users who uses a Major League Soccer team from FIFA 14 to FIFA 15.

USMNT and Seattle Sounders star Clint Dempsey is the top in-game MLS scorer with 9.6m goals followed by former Arsenal star and current New York Red Bulls striker Thierry Henry (7.7m), former Newcastle and current Seattle Sounders front man Obafemi Martins (7.3m), ex-Spurs man and now LA Galaxy forward Robbie Keane (4.4m) and his team-mate Landon Donovan (4.3m).

Players in the US now play with the Seattle Sounders team more than any other in the MLS. LA Galaxy, New York Red Bulls, Chicago Fire and DC United follow afterwards. It is quite impressive that EA’s best-seller has attracted such a wide audience and really affected the sport in North America.

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