Monday, January 19, 2015

How would they raise the funds to pay the players?

Shouldn't 1 on 1 FIFA amateur be bigger as an esport? There are so abounding means to boggle with approach and formations and the way you can play these canicule that it is such a bold of chess in agreement of outthinking your opponent. I apperceive they accept the fifa alternating World Cup, but doesn't anyone accept there should be a abounding ambit for humans who are just absolutely acceptable at fifa?

How would they raise the funds to pay the players I hear you ask? Well, what I think they should do marketing wise is use the model of PDC darts, bill the players as "indoor athletes" because anyone who plays FIFA 15 coins knows that it takes a lot of time, effort, dedication and intelligence to be at a good level. So they could have the entrance themes for both players and make it like a boozy night out for spectators, which would make watching appealing to a far larger number of people.

How could they keep making it exciting? Well they could always create different concepts for tournaments, in the way that PDC darts does. They could have leagues, knockouts and seeding procedures, so that maybe the underdog gets to use the best team, or something like that.

Another idea is that they could do like an NFL draft type thing, where everyone in the tournament gets to pick one player at a time eventually comprising a squad, which then would be their squad for the rest of the competition.

I believe fifa should be bigger as an esport and I know a lot of you do as well.

If I get enough support with this message, I will write a letter to ea sports requesting that this should be done. Anything I should have mentioned please let me know. Also; feel free to add your own ideas to what I have said, I welcome alternate opinions.


It's that time of year in the FIFA activity cycle, it's the Winter area EA Sports does their anniversary upgrades on Ultimate Team. These ambit from advance players low rated to even some of the best players in the game. Today we altercate some of those abeyant upgraded cards.

Alexandre Lacazette



He's been on an absolute tear this season and deserves this upgrade. He's had two informs already and has had weeks were a third inform could have been given to him many times. While it may not seem like a major upgrade, this is one of the best cards from the Ligue 1 that could be paired up with Ibrahimovic or Cavani. There aren't many good strikers from that league so an 83 rated second inform card will skyrocket in price.

David De Gea



By far the best goalkeeper in the Premier League this season, De Gea deserves this upgrade as he's quickly becoming one of the best in the world. He's also had two informs this season and is quickly getting to the point where he'll be the top pick over Iker Casillas (who has also been playing well). This would make him the second highest rated GK in the BPL behind Thibaut Courtois and tied with Petr Cech. His 87 rated second in-form will skyrocket in price as well.

Alexis Sanchez



This man is easily a candidate for best player in the Premier League, as he's basically the only reason Arsenal is in 5th place right now. Without him the Gunners are at best mid-table. Another player with 2 IF cards, he deserves an upgrade of 3 as it reflects how good he really is this season. This would undoubtedly make him the most coveted right winger in the Premier League but it would also make him one of the best cards in the game. Over 90 in pace, dribbling and shot? Consider me excited as this is an upgrade that should and will happen. The likelihood that it's an 87 is low, but an 86 is probably what we'll get.

It'll be exciting to see, if there are any other players you think deserve an upgrade, let me know in the comments!