Monday, March 16, 2015

Level Playing Field in FIFA 15

I accept to accept there are positives and negatives to this new affection but all-embracing I'm blessed with it. If they accumulate an alive eye on sales I do anticipate that this affection can be a success (e.g. as players ethics bead abreast the minimum abate their amount range, as they access their max access the amount range). By befitting on top of this they can still advance a accustomed bazaar with players still accepting their own amount dictated by us the players rather than EA.

Like everyone though, I think EA picked a stupid time to implement this feature midway through the game as they have completely destroyed FIFA 15's market. I can only assume they wanted to give it time to make the feature as good as possible in time for FIFA 16.

Talk about a coin glitch which is responsible for all the FIFA Coins in the market which have supplied coin sellers with all the coins they are selling. I don't know a lot about this but if it does exist it needs to be patched as its claimed that this is the route of the problem.

However, back to the claim from EA that this new feature is to make a "Level Playing Field" for everyone. I mean come on, who are they trying to kid? The main reason for them doing this is that other companies were making a fortune and they wanted a slice of the pie. Now with coin sellers out of the picture they will be getting more of the money again as people who want to fast track their way to a good ultimate team will buy FIFA POINTS.

If they absolutely wish to accomplish a akin arena acreage for anybody again FIFA POINTS accept to go as well. Accomplish it so no absolute money can be implemented into the bold added than the absolute acquirement of the game. But that's never traveling to happen.

Lets not kid around. This amend has the sole purpose of added lining the pockets of the acquisitive backer pigs who run EA Sports.


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