Monday, March 16, 2015

Two solution of EA and FIFa price

Solution 1-lower pack prices. I take it that most of you would agree with this. Before a games developer, EA is a business which has to feed billions and net a profit. As an example if EA lowered the 5k packs to 2.5k that could easily be a years profit of say 30 million halved to 15 million.

 So, they can help us get Ronaldo and Messi like this but they would have to take a loss. You will say, well 15 million is still a profit so why get too greedy? in this current economic climate to stay competent and healthy, every organisation has to learn from previous years, set new goals & agenda and try to improve in the following year.

Solution 2-what EA accept done to the market. Amount range! Now afore you alpha shouting at your computer screen, brainstorm that FIFA 16 has just launched today, you are about to accessible your aboriginal few packs to body a EPL team. You accept generated about 1 actor coins.

 Now you search the market for a Hazard and he is going for min price range at 150k, I can guarantee you would bid for him as it is the start of FUT even though EA have set the prices. What's the benefit? Messi will never reach 5 million?

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