Friday, March 6, 2015

Best striker in FIFA game and FIFA coins

So why is Salomon Kalou OP? I believe he is, pound for pound, the best striker in the game. My scores are consistently 2-1, 0-1, 2-2 that sort of score. Kalou's scoring rate is;

231 games played
151 goals scored
55 assists

(the guy who had him before me got 4 goals, 1 assist in 9 games with him - so he did well for that guy too)

Excellent dribbler with 4 brilliant abilities (I am not a 4 brilliant dribbler, I apperceive like 3 moves!), he's strong, acceptable with the attack or off the dribble, and about consistently array on the crosses he gets on the end of in the air or on the arena .

His stats are just above average at best, I know. 83 pace, 83 dribble, 77 shot, 71 passing, 66 physical. But there's something about this card that works.

I know a kid who is very good at FIFA and have seem him score pretty much for fun. He has all the top guys like TOTY Ronaldo. I told him to try Kalou and he laughed at me. He then tried Kalou. Scored 4 goals in 1 half with Kalou in Div 3 and has been using Kalou ever since! You guys must try him

Another OP you guys gotta try is Ross Barkley. Use him in CM, CAM, or CF doesn't matter. He produces.

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