Friday, February 27, 2015

Rules with FIFA 15 coins

Usefull Rules:

1.You can only use players that are 23 or younger.

2.After every game, you pick a player randomly and you have to play him for at least one game. Loss — bronze. Draw — non-rare silver. Win — rare silver. I use Futhead Random Card feature. Just pressing button until I get a card of right age and rareness.

3.Two wins in a row — non-rare gold. Three wins in a row or added — attenuate gold. For those I use and aces a amount and again attending at one of those lists. 4.All 53 non-rare golds. All 60 attenuate golds

After end of the season, you get a reward. Won appellation — aces added attenuate gold. Promoted - non-rare gold. Held - attenuate silver.

If you get anyone who is super-expensive like IF Neymar, it’s your call. You can get him in and body aggregation about him, or you can debris him and "pick again".

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  1. Great tips but I would like add few more here i.e. Buying and selling FIFA coins isn’t allowed by Electronic Arts and for that they created a penalty code in order to discourage potential buyers and sellers. When buying coins you’re apparently breaking the rules, therefore you should first get to know about the risks concerning your actions.