Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Some FIFA 15 PS4 issue

PS4 users who got FIFA 15 endure Tuesday, as the bold launched in the US, accept begin a lag problem, that about fabricated the bold so slow, it became unplayable. To be able to play after lag issues, players bare to abstract from the internet, which was accomplished if you admired to play offline, but the botheration remained for anybody aggravating to play online.

There's already a long thread about this issue on EA Sports official forum, where a moderator suggested that this could be caused due to the game launch and flux of people trying to connect (we doubt he is talking in any official capacity though). Since then, a Youtuber called "Chigre - FIFA 15", found a solution to the problem, that allows online play with no lag.

For this to work you will need two PSN profiles, both linked with Origin:

First, enter FIFA 15 coins and connect to the EA Servers as you normally would, this will probably cause the game to lag. Now, hold the PlayStation button on the Dual Shock 4, and choose Change User, and select a new profile. Now, back in FIFA 15, go to Customize, and change the profile accordingly. When all this is done, sign in to the EA Servers by pressing R3. You should now be able to play FIFA 15 without any lag, even if you change back to the original profile.

We approved it and it formed for us. It's not an ideal situation, but should do the ambush until EA fixes the issue.

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