Sunday, February 1, 2015

Buy FIFA 15 Coins and strike system

“If you insist on buying coins you might get banned from the game.” That is what EA said last few months after FIFA 15 official release.

So to recap, EA laid out their advance plan for anyone agreeable in bill affairs and selling. For anyone affairs or announcement there is a 3 bang system:

1. A warning email and in game message.
2. Your club is reset, but you retain access to it and any FIFA points spent on the account are returned.
3. Permanent ban from FIFA online.

While for bread sellers and farmers, the annual would anon accept a “straight red”, an online ban from all EA games.

But as far as FIFA 15 aggregation confirmed, bill accord is the aforementioned as FIFA 14. There are still lots of humans affairs bill circadian with altered bulk from altered bill websites. Bill farmers and food bounce up monthly. What is more, players like Youtubers and Twitchers acquire bags of dollars account by announcement these bill stores.

That is to say, it is safe to buy bill even EA new rules accept came out for a few months. If not coins, we can almost do everything, like body a able team, acquire money and accomplish fun.

So how to buy FIFA 15 coins cautiously and instantly from a bill website? Here are some advantageous tips.

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