Thursday, January 15, 2015

What do you think Ronaldo in Ballon d'Or?

Ballon d'Or is a political acceptance challenge area money talks and mainly goals matter. You alone accept to attending aback to the aspersion of 2013 and accept what happened again and why, if they continued the voting deadline. Anyone with a bisected a academician knows that they didnt wish Messi to win 5th Ballon d'Or on row because "it could accept fabricated the accolade beneath important." They aswell didnt wish Ribery to win it because he is not bankable abundant so they continued the vote a day afterwards Ronaldo had denticulate a hattrick adjoin Sweden and it was a big account everywhere and acutely afflicted the result.

Also, you cant compare these that are now won to the ones that were won 1955-2009. For instance Pele never won it and Maradona only once. So now that Ronaldo and Messi will most likely both win it like 4-6 times in the end, does that make them superior players to Maradona and Pele..? Of course not.

To add my few thoughts about the annual Ronaldo vs Messi (vs others) discussion. Humans absolutely put way too abundant accent alone on bulk of goals scored. If you attending at Ronaldo, a actual big procent of hes goals comes adjoin anemic teams in Spain and in the CL accumulation stage. (and just this division 30% of hes goals accept been penalties and just one alfresco the box) compared to the way he in fact performs in those 15-20 hardest amateur during a year, the aberration there is huge.

And I must say that people who actually watch the games must see the big difference in the way Messi and Ronaldo play and the biggest difference I would say is that even if Messi doesnt score a goal in a game, he could still be one of the best if not the best player on the field where as Ronaldo, if he doesnt score, he is usually pretty useless to hes team because of hes selfishness (shoots almost as much as Benzema, Bale and James all three combinet) the non-existent playmaking ability and defending.

And the Ronaldo advertising in 2013 and 2014 has been appealing asinine too. Just searching at their goals and assists per bold ratio, they are about identical. Just a little in favour of Ronaldo. With the advertising you would anticipate there is a huge gap and so alleged best year for Ronaldo and anemic year for Messi was 30 goals beneath than Messis 91 ambition year. Now there is the absolute gap. Not to even allocution some added important stats that are abandoned like key passes. This division in La Liga they are about the aforementioned but in CL afterwards 6 amateur Ronaldo has 6 key passes and Messi has 23.

So its sad how dark humans accept become just because of goals and use those mainly as an altercation in "who is the bigger player" discussion. Football imo is abundant added than just goals.

So to end, do you anticipate they fabricated Ballon d'Or worse in 2010, absolutely broke it in 2013 and aswell accede that maybe already both Ronaldo and Messi are out of the picture, this accolade will become added like it was afore 2010..?

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