Friday, January 23, 2015

EA's three problems have affected FIFA 15

For many weeks and even months, FIFA 15 managed to dominate the best seller gaming charts in the UK. Electronic Arts FIFA has proven that it’s miles ahead of its competitor Pro Evolution Soccer (PES), but the storied franchise has consistently dropped the ball in gameplay and content.

EA has done a remarkable job with the physics engine, gameplay, presentation and licensing, but they have added new features and policies that has deteriorated the game.  There are three consequential problems that have affected FIFA 15 gameplay.

Offline gameplay has been totally ignored

We can all accede that FIFA Ultimate Aggregation (FUT) and online bold modes are the best appearance of the games. We all accept been chip somehow to arena online with adolescent gamers all beyond the world. FUT allows you to body your dream aggregation and a lot of can altercate that this is conceivably one of the a lot of accomplishing things in the game. FUT has become so immense in FIFA that abounding are proposing a standalone adaptation of the game.

EA’s attraction with FUT has affected them to carelessness offline gameplay. It is bright that they spent the atomic absorption on this feature. Seriously, alfresco of Career Mode, what abroad is there to do? There aren’t abounding absorbing offline bold modes. Whenever the servers are down (which is often), it is acceptable a lot of of us can’t play. No one wants to decay time of the Training Ground or play the Legends.

Park the Bus was simply wrong for gaming

Real life football teams employ Park the Bus as a defensive tactic, so EA introducing it in FIFA 15 would appear plausible. However, it has been severely exploited by gamers and using the tactic is no longer strategy or fun gaming. The idea has potential, but it can make super teams impossible to beat. Having extreme offensive and defensive strategies are necessary in gameplay, but Park the Bus should not be a necessary evil.

Cheating with Coin Sellers

Here we are again discussing FUT. Sure enough, people have figured out how to abuse the coin system in Ultimate Team. FIFA 15 coins sellers make it much easier to build your dream squad. This is a serious problem for genuine players, because the quality of a team now depends on who can afford the highest. Much like gaming and movie privacy, this is issue has spread like wild fire without no real way of stopping it. Ultimate Team loses its legitimacy due to sellers and buyers who don’t play fair.

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