Wednesday, January 7, 2015

FIFA 15 : best seller game in UK

For many weeks and even months, FIFA 15 managed to dominate the best seller gaming charts in UK besides other regions.

While the debate of PES 2015 versus FIFA 15 debate is a never ending argument, the game by itself is not the best version around.

Sure, Electronic Arts has done a great job with the presentation, licensing and style but they have introduced some drastic new changes and adopted new policies which drag the game down.

Park the Bus was a Mistake

Park the Bus, even admitting arguable has now become a broadly accustomed tactic even in absolute activity football and we can’t accusation EA for introducing it to FIFA 15 coins. The abstraction has a lot of abeyant to it because acute breach and aegis strategies can consistently change even the affliction bold into an agitative one.

But, if it comes to online play, players generally accomplishment it and do not use it as a strategy. As anon as they login to play any bold in the Ultimate aggregation or with the Seasons, the players instantly about-face to Park the Bus so that they can use it during matches. This is a bad best which should be rectified.

Offline is so ignored

Without questions, even PES lovers apperceive that the Ultimate Aggregation and online modes in FIFA 15 is the best around. The modes and appearance are so amazingly advised that you get a abundant acquaintance arena in it, architecture your aggregation appear achievement and acceptance your close gamer abilities to adore the best.

But, the botheration lies in the offline approach area Electronic Arts may accept lent the atomic accessible attention. There are hardly any offline bold modes to absorption players. You can’t acquire added money in career approach and you are affected to be in Ultimate aggregation all the time. What happens if PSN and Xbox Live outages like the contempo ones yield place? You don’t game, that’s all they say!

Cheating with Coin Sellers

EA has been doing their best but coin sellers continue to spoil FIFA 15 for genuine players because you easily pay and build your ultimate team by paying for those coins. If payment is all that matters, then it comes to those who can afford the highest. This is cheating in a completely different form that the entire internet has been complaining about but just like gaming and movie privacy, this doesn’t come to an end so easily. There are sellers and buyers who spoil the game for everyone else.

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