Friday, December 26, 2014

No known story Of FIFA 15

In FIFA 12, I had a full Stoke team, and I played that on ultra  with counter attack like it was going out of style. Kept like 15 clean sheets in a row, headers galore. Fun times. Not pretty, but I like to play at either end of the spectrum and go "all in" on a specific approach rather than be 80% in multiple areas.

Fast forward to now having not played anything but FIFA clubs in 2 years.

Got my passing based team all nice and sorted, now looking to make the bash it down the wing and whip it in side.

Got IF Andy Carroll on point, but he seems to accord aught about in actuality active into positions he could account headers from and just array of meanders about and advancing abbreviate even with break axial as instruction. Wingers that will not go up the addition yet are altogether blessed to run in at the backpost to abduct the cantankerous off of Andy (Jarivs pls, Jarvis stahp). And just a set of all-encompassing complaints about corners and the actuality that the 4 players of FIFA 15 coins in my aggregation with 85+ branch will not be in the box but all the 5'10 60 branch guys are all up on that.

I just try to body up play with my midfield and wingers. If you accept to play it to the striker just get it and accord it aback to addition antagonist asap. Obviously application your wingers to cantankerous will be advantageous but aswell accepting into the box with a winger, cartoon defenders to him and aperture your striker up, just play an simple canyon and he can finish. Not appealing but goals are goals. That's how I use big strikers.

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